A WOMAN thought to be the oldest in Kidderminster has today turned 106 years of age.

Daisy Kench has lived in Kidderminster for more than 20 years, after moving to the area from Birmingham, and has resided at Nightingale Court care home in Comberton Road for nearly three years.

The second-oldest of six children, Daisy helped to raise her younger siblings, and went on to have one daughter, Diane, with the "love of her life" Fred.

Daisy remains incredibly close to Diane, and now has four grandchildren - three boys and a girl - and nine great grandchildren.

A retired cleaner for Birmingham Chest Clinic, Daisy still has a passion for cleaning and keeps her bedroom at Nightingale Court in immaculate condition.

Carers say Daisy, despite her age, will still get on her hands and knees to pick up the tiniest speck of dust from her bedroom floor.

Malvern Gazette:

A spokesman for the home said: "Daisy takes pride in what she has and appreciates everything she has had in life she will often say she has been very lucky.

"She has a brilliant sense of humour and often her humour does not resemble what you would imagine from a lady of 106.

"She is quick-witted and without a doubt lights up any room she enters, bringing a smile to everyone's faces and a helping hand when needed.

"She is quick on her feet and can often outrun the staff members less than half her age. She will always say keeping busy is the key to a long life and a long life she has had."

Daisy will celebrate her 106th birthday by going out to lunch with her family, followed by a teatime birthday party at Nightingale Court.