A DRIVER whose car flipped onto its side near Kidderminster says she skidded on excess gravel on the recently-restored road.

The red Mitsubishi Colt overturned in Dowles Road in Bewdley at around 6.45am on Monday, June 3.

Community carer Sophie Berry, who was driving the car, told The Shuttle: "I was on my way to work, driving at 20mph because there was an advisory speed limit sign, and I just completely lost control of the car. I couldn't steer.

"The car went up the bank and then tipped in the air onto its side. I'm lucky to be alive.

"My arm was jammed in the car door but luckily two men pulled over and pulled me out of the car.

"My car has been completely written off - the gear box was mashed, the engine was split in half and the window was smashed.

"I could see straight away when I got out how thick the gravel was on the road.

"The council has put more signs out since but it could have been so much worse and I've been left without a car and unable to go to work."

Worcestershire County Council admitted the road had recently been surface dressed, but said it is normal practice not to sweep the road of loose chippings until 24 hours afterwards.

A spokesperson said: “Dowles Road has recently been surfaced dressed as part of our county-wide programme and it is a normal part of this process that some loose chippings are initially present after the works until the road is swept.

"It is also normal practice to not sweep the road until after 24 hours have passed to allow the surface to bed in.

"The road is also swept after 48 hours and a week.

"During this time, 20mph advisory speed restriction signs and other appropriate signs are placed on site."

They added: "We are aware of a recent incident that took place in this location and are discussing the issue with the family involved.”