West Midland Safari Park will be hosting a fundraising week during May half term, dedicated to the conservation of endangered rhinos.

Rhino Week will run from Saturday, May 25 to Sunday, June 2 and guests will be able to take part in a host of fun and educational activities, whilst helping to raise funds for Save the Rhino International (SRI).

There will a chance to meet the park’s Indian rhinos, during an exclusive Rhino Conservation Evening on May 30.

Michaela Butorova and Jack Bedford, SRI’s Partnerships Manager and Fundraising Officer, will be giving a fascinating talk about the plight of rhinos and the important work the charity does to save these endangered animals.

Following the talk, guests will be taken to the Indian Rhino House to meet and feed the Park’s three charismatic Indian rhinos, Rap, Seto and Sunanda.

Research and Conservation Officer, Katie McDonald, said: “Rhino conservation is more important than ever at the moment. Levels of poaching of rhino for their horns are at high levels and the amount of habitat available to rhinos is shrinking. Dedicated conservation organisations, such as Save the Rhino International, are working to prevent the worldwide population of rhinos from decreasing overall.

Malvern Gazette:

She added: “Many different measures combined – employing anti-poaching rangers, running breeding sanctuaries, protecting habitat and educating people to stop them purchasing rhino horn – are making a positive difference. However, it really is make or break time. Two of the five species of rhino - Javan and Sumatran rhino, have wild populations with fewer than 80 individuals. Once numbers are down this low a single disease outbreak could result in extinction.

“769 rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa alone last year. Everyone who cares about wildlife wants to stop the cruelty to animals and the threats to the species. This is why we are asking our guests to help to support two important rhino conservation projects, through fundraising for Save the Rhino International, during Rhino Week.”

During the week-long event, guests will be able to visit a Rhino Information Station where they can see some rhino artefacts, find out what the Park’s rhinos eat, learn about the eleven rhinos at the Park and enter a competition to win a cuddly toy rhino.

There will also be a photo competition where guests can compare their height with white rhinos Ailsa and Granville, then post it on the Park’s Facebook page for a chance to win a Safari Park Family Annual Pass.

People can get involved with the fundraising by visiting wmsp.co.uk/rhinofund.

Everyone who donates £5 or more to the Park’s JustGiving page, will be entered into a draw to win a ‘Money can’t buy VIP Rhino Experience’.