A MOVIE lover said that the price of a ticket at a cinema in the city has put her off going again.

Hannah Booth, age 36, from Worcester, said she couldn’t believe the ticket price on a recent visit to Vue cinema,Friar Street with friends.

“I hadn’t been for a while so when I went to see a film I couldn’t believe the price.

“They seem to charge more at peak times for the same film and that’s unfair.

A ticket purchased after 5pm is slightly more expensive, according to the cinema's website by around 50 pence.

The film at the Vue cinema in Worcester cost Ms Booth £12.54 but the same showing at the same time at the Vue in Birmingham would have cost her £11.48 - a saving of over £1.

According to the

UK Cinema Association

, tickets nationally have been steadily increasing - a ticket purchased in 2018 would have cost nearly double the price of a ticket in 2000 in-line with inflation.

Toni Adeola, spokeswoman for Vue, said: “Prices vary across our sites as we are continually trialling and testing new and innovative offers for our customers.”

Our readers have taken to social media to talk about the cost.

Samantha Slaney said: “I love the cinema and would go more often if it wasn’t for the ridiculous ticket price.”

“Food and drink prices are also crazy! I used to go every week in my teens,” said Sasha Dewhurst.

Martin Bluck said: “Vue is very expensive and if I do go then I use the Super Monday offer as it’s a lot cheaper.”

“By the time I’ve paid for the family to watch and eat at the cinema I’m nearly £70 down - daylight robbery,” said Kurt Warren.

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