Prime Minister Teresa May has announced plans to prevent private landlords from evicting tenants at short notice without good cause.

Currently, tenants can be kicked out under a Section 21 notice, leaving many who live in private dwellings vulnerable to homelessness.

The PM said when interviewed by Property 118: “Everyone in the private sector has the right to feel secure in their home.’’

Julian Wintle, aged 50, partner at Worcester-based law firm Bradley Haynes, said:''The proposed change is clearly a tennant protection measure, adding a protective layer to the tenant.’

‘’It’s a fine balance to balance the rights of both the landlord and tenant.’

‘The landlord will now have to use the court process more to evict a tenant whom they don’t want, and this can be a long process.

‘’As it’s not law yet, I’m going to keep a close eye on it as it unfolds.

“Potentially, it could turn landlords away from this type of work but I’ll wait and see.”

Jess Ross, 25, who was almost left homeless when her landlord ended the contract, said:’’I received a random email saying I had to get out.’’

‘’There was no reason, just that he wanted the property back.

‘’I had to pay £129 pounds for a final inspection of the property to get it signed off so I could get my deposit back.

‘’In the meantime I had to move in with family and scrape together another deposit for a new place.

‘’I think this change is a great thing and would make me feel more comfortable and not at the whim of a landlord.

David Evans, 30, said:’’I’m in favour of this. I appreciate people want to go into business etc but many small landlords are not capable. They don’t do repairs, rent out poor quality housing and are not geared for the financial stresses that can come with boiler breakdown.”