THIEVES broke into cars in an overnight smashing spree.

They targeted at least three vehicles in Upton overnight, including Elisabeth Drake's car in Old Street car park.

Criminals have damaged eight vehicles in the car park since Christmas.

Ms Drake, who owns Henry's Cafe, in Upton, is now calling on the town council to install CCTV cameras at the car park.

She said: "Upton is not a safe town anymore. It's not the Upton of 30 years ago, when I moved here.

"I think it [the break-in] happened this morning, they smashed my window and took my golf clubs, sat nav, phone charge and even a sandwich and a drink.

"I read there were other incidents in Severn Drive last night. There's obviously someone doing this, I have a feeling it's probably kids."

Residents of the town are considering setting up a community watch programme, following a string of vehicle break-ins at the Old Street car park.

Parish councillor Betty Williams said: "Something has got to be done but what, I really don't know. It gets you angry when living in a place like this and all this is going on, it's not usual. We are a place that plods along and everyone is reasonably happy together - and then this happens. It has gone too far."

The councillor added that a vandal shot out a car window in Old Street a couple of weeks ago.

PC Kevin Johns, of Upton Safer Neighbourhood Team, dismissed the idea of CCTV cameras.

He previously said: "We have carried out late night patrols of the car park frequently but the problem is that there are several exits, meaning anyone who is up to no good can get away.

"We have discussed CCTV but for the same reason we would need to have several cameras dotted around which would cost a lot of money.

"The other problem with CCTV is that if someone covers their face, it is much harder to identify them."

West Mercia Police is urging locals to make sure valuables are not on display in cars.

Anyone with information about the theft in the car park can ring police on 101 quoting incident number 565s of April 8.