THOUSANDS of pounds have already been raised to support the family of a little boy with an aggressive form of Leukaemia.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to help five-year-old Oscar Saxelby-Lee after it was revealed that he urgently needs a blood stem cell transplant.

Oscar has undergone intensive chemotherapy and multiple blood transfusions but his Leukaemia is now so aggressive doctors say he needs to find a donor within the next three months.

Pitmaston Primary School, where Oscar is a pupil, set up the appeal to raise £5,000 and has smashed its target within a few days. The money will be used to support Oscar’s family for whatever they need to help their son.

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Parents Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee, from St John's, Worcester, have been keeping a vigil by his bedside at Birmingham Children’s Hospital since his diagnosis in December.

They are currently staying at hospital accommodation provided by charity Ronald McDonald House but have no idea what the future holds.

Pitmaston’s headteacher Kate Wilcock said: “We set the target of £5,000 and within an hour of the page being open there was an overwhelming response from parents and our community. It is just pinging up and up.”

Mrs Wilcock said Mr Lee had visited the school after being given the news that Oscar needed a transplant.

She said: “It was just pure shock and disbelief that was really clear seeing him. As a family unit they are talking about how it’s made them stronger. Oscar has been really brave.

“His mum has been caring for him - there’s a lot of medication involved - keeping herself busy in wanting to support this process of trying to find a donor.

The family also recently celebrated Oscar’s fifth birthday at the hospital.

Mrs Wilcock said his class teacher Sarah Keating and teaching assistant Laura Senter went to visit him on his birthday and took presents from his classmate and a huge balloon.

She said: “It was one of his surprises. His parents wanted it to be a complete surprise.”

Anyone wishing to support the campaign can visit