A PASTORAL tutor has been nominated for a Worcestershire Education Award based on her kindness and willingness to always help others.

Miriam Symmons, aged 41, from Worcester Sixth Form College has been nominated for the Unsung hero Award.

The role of a pastoral tutor is to provide support for students during their time in education. Miss Symmons has been leading an Art Therapy programme in her free time since 2014. The programme involves mindfulness techniques and allows students to turn up to tutorials to discuss their mental health.

Miss Symmons said: “Mental health is close to my heart. I have a mental health condition myself, so this job gets me back doing what I love and helping others.

“It feels amazing to be nominated for this award. It is a complete surprise – I am very flattered.

“Attendance has risen in the school while students have taken part in the tutorial programme. As a team we work together to support the students. We help them with career choices, collate references and monitor their progression within their subjects."

Miss Symmons has two counselling qualifications and attends a mindfulness course in her spare time to update her skills.

She added: “I absolutely love my job and spending time with the students. Helping them find their aspirations in life is very rewarding."

Evelyn Blackshaw, aged 17, nominated Miss Symmons for the award.

She said: “Miriam (Mim) has been the biggest support for me and so many others. She is kind and always happy to give up her time for anyone who needs her and will always be there for her students whenever they need them.

"Mim has been a great support with my mental health."


Worcestershire Education Award nominee, Sarah James from Nunnery Wood Primary