DISCOVER History, an education service which began in 2003, has been nominated for the Community Involvement Award in this year’s Worcestershire Education Awards.

Paul Harding and his wife Helen started offering talks to schools and community groups after feeling the need for a more enjoyable way of teaching history.

Mr Harding, 42, said: “I remember when I was at school, history was taught in a very dry way.

“You would watch history documentaries and it would just be an old man in a tweed suit talking into a camera and I felt there really needed to be something more interesting.

“What we do is go into schools and history clubs and bring the history to them, so rather than have a historian talking about the Romans, there is an actual Roman coming in to talk to them.”

In addition to school visits, Mr and Mrs Harding also run history clubs for all ages, discussing different periods of history by request.

Mr Harding added: “In one of our history clubs we have a 96-year-old and they get to choose which subject we study each time.

“It is great because having older people that lived through the 20th Century means we can get a much fuller picture.”

Discover History won the Community Involvement title at the 2017 Worcestershire Education Awards and were nominated again last year.

Mr Harding added: “We are absolutely over the moon to be nominated again. Especially for doing what we love doing.”

The deadline for nominations is April 18. Finalists are chosen by a panel of judges and winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the University Arena in Worcester on June 20.

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