STUDENTS from Worcester Sixth Form College enjoyed a Splendid Productions adaption of The Oresteia.

The performance was attended by all students of Drama and Theatre Studies and Performing Arts as well as some studying English Literature and Classical Civilisation.

It managed to squeeze a highly complicated family saga into an hour of entertaining and thought provoking theatre often making the audience roar with laughter.

The actors’ performances were highly memorable and witty songs had been written especially for the production.

James Lister, subject Leader for English Literature, said: “It’s rare that you find a piece of theatre at once so perceptively intelligent and boisterously entertaining.

It was a real treat for the students”.

Rowan Williams, subject leader for Music, called the production, “extremely inventive and inspiring”.

After the production, the students took part in a workshop where they learnt how to perform in the highly energetic style of Splendid Productions and were given some advice about finding work in Performing Arts.

Students were very complimentary about the performance and the opportunity to speak with the performers.

Becs Hitchings said: “I really appreciated the opportunities to ask questions about acting professionally and get a really good insight into the challenges of the industry but also possible ways to overcome these.”

Alice Wild said: “This was honestly the best bit of drama I’ve seen in a long time. Productions like this rarely come along.”

Eve Boxall added: “An absolutely fantastic experience! So hard hitting. I can’t wait to put some of these ideas into my own work.”

The performance took place on Thursday, January 31.