A WOOLWORTHS reunion has been organised to bring together staff who worked at the city's shop before the store closed 10 years ago.

Sheena Glew was an employee at the 'Woolies' branch in Worcester High Street before the store closed its doors forever on January 3, 2009, as the company collapsed.

Mrs Glew, aged 54, said: “I was gutted when the Worcester branch closed down, we all were.

"Through Woolworths you were introduced to so many people and you daily met your friends at work. It was a great place to work.

“I am trying to get the word out to people about the reunion through word of mouth and my Facebook page. I am hoping to get as many people together to have a fun night catching up.

"It will be lovely to see what everyone has been up to and where they are now after Woolworths closed.”

Mrs Glew, who was an assistant manager at the branch, said around 20 people have confirmed they will be at the reunion, although she is hoping 100 people will turn up.

Mrs Glew worked at the Woolworths in Worcester High Street for 23 years and her reunion will mark 10 years since the closure of the shop.

The reunion will take place upstairs at The Crown in Broad Street between 7pm and 11pm on Saturday, January 12.

If anyone would like to attend, you can message Sheena Glew on Facebook to say you're planning to be there.

Woolworth's was the creation of Frank Woolworth, from New York, who started his retail career in 1873 as a sales assistant.

The first British Woolworths opened in Liverpool in 1909.

Worcester’s store opened on March 11, 1916. The store was extended in 1935 and again in 1960.

In October 1979, Woolworths caught on fire and firefighters took more than 12 hours to put out the blaze. More than 300 shoppers and 100 members of staff had to be evacuated.

The fire later proved to be arson and caused millions of pounds worth of damage. However, no one was injured.

In 2009, the Woolworths site was taken over by Marks and Spencer's new store.