A REVEREND has called the reported theft of Christmas crosses from gravestones at a church near Droitwich “deeply upsetting.”

In an anonymous Facebook post, a grieving family member said the decorative items were taken from their mum, dad and sister’s graves at St Augustine’s Church, Dodderhill, on Christmas Eve.

The poster labelled the culprits as “robbing, thieving delinquents” in an angry post.

Reverend Laura Handy, part of the Saltway Team Ministry which oversees churches in the Droitwich area, said while it is upsetting news, the majority of people do respect the church and its surrounding.

“Thankfully, most people treat the churchyards with real respect,” she said.

“But it is of course deeply upsetting for families when these things happen, particularly at this time of year.”

She continued: “The churchyards are purposely open all day to enable people to visit their loved ones’ graves whenever they need to.

“And all of the churchyards have been very busy over the last few weeks, but sadly a very small number of people take advantage of this.”

In the anonymous Facebook post on Spotted: Droitwich, the person said they were “so upset and angry”.

They had discovered the thefts on December 24, having gone to visit the graves at the church off Dodderhill Road.

“To the robbing, thieving delinquents who have been up to Dodderhill church [St Augustine’s] and have pinched the Christmas crosses off my mum, dad and my sister’s grave who we have recently lost,” they said.

“I hope your hands get severely burnt.

“How disrespectful and low life can you possibly get?

“Hope one day the tables turn on you,” they added.

It is not clear if the theft has been reported to the police.

Droitwich Safer Neighbourhood Team was unavailable for comment before we went to print.