THE family of a young Herefordshire father have questioned the standard of care he received in the months before his death.

A pre-inquest review was held this week at Herefordshire’s Coroners Court seven months after Adam Hodges' death.

The 36-year-old electrician was reported missing from the Dilwyn home he shared with his wife, Helen, and their two children in March and, following a police search, was found dead in the north of the county on Good Friday.

The review precedes the inquest into the death of the dad-of-two, who had a long history of depression and had been accessing support from various agencies following an admission to the Stonebow Unit in October 2017.

Despite the involvement of several agencies, the coroner heard Mr Hodges continued to struggle with his mental health, ultimately leading to his failing to return home on March 27.

Mr Hodges' family have since raised concerns as to whether a lack of collaboration between the agencies involved in supporting Mr Hodges and his family, including the 2gether NHS Foundation, the community mental health team and children's and social services, led to a failure to provide adequate support in the months leading to Mr Hodges' death, and have questioned whether additional support was available but not offered.

The coroner said the purpose of this week’s review was not to determine how Mr Hodges died, but was instead convened to determine and discuss these concerns prior to the inquest.

Jodie Kembery, counsel for Mr Hodges’ family, said: "There were indications that there was a marked deterioration in Mr Hodges’ condition.

"Adam Hodges received significant input from the community mental health team. His worsening symptoms were noted by several agencies and it is arguable that failings in care were committed.

"There is a question as to whether collaboration between mental health services, children’s services and social services could have avoided the death."

Additional information from all agencies involved with Mr Hodges and his family’s care has been requested. A further pre-inquest review is expected in January.