A FAMILY from Bromsgrove is paying thanks to the owners of an unknown doggy blood donor who saved their beloved pet's life.

Doberman Sasha has reached the end of a year-long recovery from a life-saving blood transfusion, after she was diagnosed with immune mediated haemolytic anaemia, which sees the body's immune system destroying red blood cells, in October last year.

Sasha quickly began treatment with Clent Hills' vet Joao Teotonio, and following a 24-hour blood transfusion, she began to improve and was eventually allowed to return home with owners Paul and Jane, who are now hoping to raise awareness of the importance of dogs donating blood.

Paul, who is a blood donor himself, said: "I never considered that dogs need blood donated too.

"It was a Clent Hills Vets’ client who came forward to donate her pet’s blood.

"The veterinary practice is committed to raising awareness of the importance of dogs donating blood to help sick and injured pets and my wife and I support them wholeheartedly.”

He added: "Sasha means the world to us and quick diagnosis was critical to allow the appropriate treatment to begin immediately.

"I sincerely thank the blood donor’s owner who ultimately helped save Sasha’s life.”