VOLUNTEERS turned out on Saturday (October 3) to help improve the village pond and wood in the centre of Hanley Swan.

The volunteers dredged the pond and cleared undergrowth from the wood as part of a long-term project to preserve both features in good condition.

Pond warden Neil Verlander said: "The wood had become overrun by bracken and other undergrowth, and clearing it has made a real difference. You can now see the trunks of the beautiful old oak trees.

"We dredged the pond itself and we were given a real boost by local landowner Francis Harkham who brought along his JCB and saved us hours of effort."

He said the work attracted the attention of young people in the village, who offered to help.

"Our next task is to build up the back bank of the pond, which is in a poor state. If there's anyone out there who has some Malvern stone they don't need, I'd love to hear from them."

Mr Verlander can be reached on 01684 310887.