A ONE-year-old boy’s asthma and chest infections are being made worse by living in damp conditions, according to his mother.

Roseanne Smith, from Elgar Avenue, Malvern, shares her two-bedroom flat with her boy Rico-Lee, her two daughters, her partner and his teenage daughter.

“The flat’s in no fit state at all to live in as it’s all mouldy and damp. They say to leave the windows open but it’s going to get cold and he’s going to get worse,” she said.

Ms Smith and her partner Kevin Abel are forced to sleep in the living room of the flat, while Rico-Lee and the girls share the bedrooms.

She believes social landlord Elgar Housing should treat her as a higher priority housing need because of Rico-Lee’s conditions.

Cathy Spence, a spokesperson for Festival Housing Group, believes the damp in the flat is actually condensation.

She said: "Condensation is present in every home and if not managed effectively is often mistaken for damp. Extensive guidance is provided on this area for our tenants but it is vital that air can flow freely through Ms Smith's home to avoid mould developing. We are aware that Ms Smith's home is overcrowded and have been supporting the family in applying for other properties through the Home Choice Plus system."