A FOUL smelling odour that was noticed from Townsend Way to the top end of Malvern Link had residents baffled last week.

Some speculated it may have been blocked drains caused by the heavy rain experienced in the area, while others thought a reckless farmer’s muck sprayer may have been to blame.

Adrian Beard and his wife Dawn, from Hampden Road, Malvern Link, called the Gazette on Friday afternoon (September 5) when they could not take the smell any longer.

Mr Beard said: “I smelt it last night about 11 or 12 o’clock just when we were taking the dogs out.

“This morning it was just horrible.”

Dawn added: “I’ve never smelt anything like it at all. It’s like some sort of smog in the air.”

Adrian Sunter and his family from Whitethorn Grove, Malvern, felt physically ill after they were bombarded by the sewers-type smell for three days running.

Mr Sunter said: “The smell was bad enough last night to make me and members of my family feel ill.

“The first couple of times we experienced the smell we just thought it was an inconsiderate farmer muck spreading.

“But when it happened for a third time last night I became very suspicious that it might be something else so decided to ask the council to investigate.”

Worcestershire County Council spokesman, Sarah Jayne Butcher, confirmed the information had been passed onto the Environmental Health team to investigate.