Malvern Town Women have been given a £3,000 funding boost.

The money comes courtesy of Malvern county councillor Beverley Nielsen, who has used some of her divisional fund to help the football club.

Worcestershire county councillors are each given a discretionary budget of £10,000 to help community causes.

Cllr Nielsen, who is also a district councillor, said: “I have funded Womens’ First team at Malvern Town, amongst other great local causes, as I see them as role models for young girls who maybe want to play football or other sports and are maybe looking for reassurance that it’s possible - it is!

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“We have a great team of young women at Malvern Town. They are courageous, committed and brave. I am proud to support them and wish them well for the upcoming season.

“I’d be pleased to hear from other teams and clubs as I’m keen to support the ‘pivot to wellness’ which we are prioritising.”