MALVERN Town will face Step 4 side Highworth Town in a promotion-relegation play-off match this Saturday for a chance to secure promotion into the Southern League.

The Hillsiders had been made to wait until 6PM on Wednesday night, just 72 hours before the scheduled date for the play-off matches, to discover who they would be facing and now they know who lies in wait on Saturday afternoon.

They will make the trip to Wiltshire to face Highworth, a side that finished third-bottom in the Southern League Division One Central this season.

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The current format at Step 5 means that teams coming second play a one-off match with a side in the relegation places in the level above, Step 4, with either the Step 5 team gaining promotion or the Step 4 side winning and keeping their place in the league. 

It has been a frustrating and tense period for Malvern, not knowing where they were going this weekend but co-manager Lee Hooper managed to do the maths and figured out that Highworth could be one of their likely opponents. 

"It has been a stressful 10 days or so waiting to figure out who that game would be but we have managed to stay focussed within and we have been prepared for this and now we are excited for the challenge," he said. 

"We tried to do some calculations and we thought we would cover a few teams that we thought we might get in that play-off and we watched Highworth, so that was fortunate and now we know a bit about them.

"They will be tough, there is no doubt about that. They get the home advantage and they are a Step 4 club so they have played a level above us all season. It's definitely going to be a tough game and we will need to be at the races.

"But we are and have always been confident in ourselves. If we turn up and give everything we have got, we are confident we can get the win."