A WELLY Wanging competition was one of the highlights of a fundraising day at Northleigh Primary School on behalf of the international charity FARM-Africa.

Thursday was a non-uniform day at the school and the children were asked to give donations for the privilege of coming into class wearing wellies.

Many of the youngsters decorated their own boots, and by 11am the welly wanging event was well under way, with Maisey Bradley, aged six, leading both adults and fellow pupils alike in the early stages with a mighty throw.

The teachers did not all fare so well, according to school administrator Judy Hardy.

She said: "One or two of the teachers were so enthusiastic they actually managed to throw the welly backwards, over their heads!"

FARM-Africa is a organisation that helps farming communities in Tanzania and elsewhere.

A harvest festival at the school raised £118 for the charity and headteacher, Rose Carberry said the welly day profits would double that total.

She said that the school was currently establishing links with schools in the Tanga area of Tanzania.

Two teachers from Northleigh Primary will go on a visit to Tanzania in October 2008 and there could be a return visit to Malvern involving Tanzanian teachers.

Afterwards, the hope is that Northleigh Primary will then launch a fundraising campaign on behalf of a school in Tanga.