TWO ambulance men from the local area have been commended for their dedication and hard work during July's heavy flooding.

Dave Newey of Storridge and Michael Belcher of Upton, both team leaders based at Worcester, were among 17 staff members who were recognised for their exemplary performance at an awards ceremony held this week.

The team from the Emergency Control Centre at Bransford were also recognised for their dedication in staying at work, and sleeping on site whilst the emergency continued.

Mr Newey was involved in the evacuation of a nursing home with about 60 patients, whict was threatened by rising flood waters.

He and his team took only two hours to rescue the residents and take them all to safety.

"David took role of Bronze Commander and professionally led a team resulting in the safe evacuation of all patients within the allotteed amount of time," says the citation. "This was a truly fantastic achievement and for his actions David has received the Chief Officer's Commendation."

Mr Belcher was Bronze Commander at Upton throughout the flood, and set up and co-ordinated a medical centre in Upton providing medical cover while the town was isolated.

"This was a very difficult region to work in and Mike acted professionally, as always, ensuring that patients were treated to the highest standards and that his staff knew exactly what needed to be achieved," says the citation. "It is for Mike's dedication and utter professionalism that he received his Chief Officer's Commendation."