ONCE a blackboard was the height of technology for teachers, then came white boards, projectors and Power Point.

Now Malvern's Somers Park Primary School is leading the way in the podcast revolution.

It will be the first school to make its own radio show that pupils and parents can download onto their iPods or MP3 players (personal music players).

The project is in the early stages at the moment, with teachers learning how to do it, but soon families will be listening to tracks recorded by the youngsters themselves.

In the future, pupils could use the podcasts as homework aids, parents could hear previews of concerts and even one day see highlights of school matches on video downloads, the possibilities are endless.

Headteacher Stuart Sewell, said: "It's giving the children the opportunity to apply their creativity skills.

"It brings together a lot of the curriculum, such as information technology, writing skills, creativity, drama, and speaking and listening into one area.

"It's something we can really see taking off across the country and for that reason, for us as a community, it's very exciting".

Somers Park came up with the idea after the Gazette featured a story about an African exchange taking place at the school during the summer and it was picked up by BBC Hereford and Worcester.

Pupils and staff visited the recording studios to be interviewed and after taking a tour of the building, asked questions about podcasting.

Teachers Laura Edkins and Michelle Knight went on a training course to learn about the technology and are now helping other members of staff get to grips with it.