ST Anne's Well Cafe tenant John Redman has been offered a new lease on the building by its owners, Malvern Hills Conservators.

The offer marks the end of a dispute between the Conservators and Mr Redman which has been going on for some 14 months.

Mr Redman said this week that he is still in negotiation with the Conservators, but, all being well, he hopes the lease will be signed within the next few days.

"We're dotting the i's and crossing the t's," he said. "The lease they are offering is initially for five years, but I'm hoping that can be extended."

The row erupted in October 2009, when the Conservators told Mr Redman that his lease on the landmark cafe, which he has run for 21 years, would not be renewed.

The Conservators unveiled their own plans to renovate the cafe and open the Octagon Room upstairs as an information centre.

But Mr Redman's friends and regular customers immediately launched a vigorous campaign aimed at changing the Conservators' minds.

The turning point came in October this year, when Clive Smith, who had just been elected as the board's new chairman, reopened direct negotiations with Mr Redman.

As a result, the board has now resolved not to oppose Mr Redmans's application for a new lease.

Mr Smith said: "This was a situation I felt had been going on far too long, and it was time to resolve it."

Mr Reedman said he was delighted with the move. "It's been causing me a lot of stress, so this is great news. I want to say thank you to all my supporters for what they've done.

"Now we will be open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day as we've always done."