Dear Editor

I must raise the point of the importance of local convenience store shopping. 

I am not just saying this because my forefathers were corner shop shopkeepers, but because in recent years I have found myself shopping quite a lot at corner shops for the service they generally provide is very adaptable and useful to my household requirements to complement my usual weekly shop at the supermarket.

The hours they are open are to be commended and I have generally found the store personnel to be polite, helpful and congenial. 

The immediate access to goods, in a confined space makes for a quick and easy purchase with little fuss and often hardly anybody in queue.

To some car owners who generally tend to frequent supermarkets to buy their household goods, a convenience store would be less well utilised I imagine, but for some people like me who is reliant on public transport to get around convenience store shopping is a godsend and many older people, of which I am now one, will no doubt also agree. Long live the convenience store. 

They do a good service to the community and provide us with welcome relief easing the burden of the weekly shop to a noticeable degree.

David Whitworth