Readers have shared their concern - and anger - over the sculpture of a Victorian opera singer Jenny Lind being moved to make way for metre-high letters spelling out Malvern.

Here's a selection of this week's letters on the topic:

‘Clean up eyesore’

Dear Editor

So Malvern Town Council are going to spend grotesque amounts of money on installing letters spelling the town name in Rose Bank Garden’s in the name of attracting visitors. 

They need to sort the eyesore that is not much more than 25 meters to the left of the proposed  location that is the land slip which has been blighting these gardens for a number of years now.

Marc Arnold


‘This is a commemorative site’

Dear Editor

The meeting of Malvern Town Council on Thursday, February 9 agreed an elevated sculpture of Jenny Lind, a famous Victorian opera singer strongly associated with Malvern, will be moved to make way for metre-high Hollywood-style letters spelling ‘MALVERN’. 

Fifty per cent of the councillors voting thought the Jenny Lind sculpture and associated groundwork should adhere to the original plan and installation and without the introduction of the lettering now proposed. 

I feel the following points are highly relevant. Firstly, Hollywood-style letters are inelegant and wholly not in keeping with the sanctity of the current commemorative site and its cultural history. 

Also, steps to consult beforehand with the sponsors from the Swedish Jenny Lind Society, descendants of Jenny Lind in Britain and private sponsors in Malvern and the local sculptor had not been attempted. 

Promises by the Mayor to explain the move to Swedish guests who attended the unveiling of the Jenny Lind sculpture as recently as October 2022 “next time they visit Malvern” is disrespectful and inadequate.

Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, there is no valid argument for the Chair to use his casting vote to drive through the motion not having received support from more than half of the councillors. 

The status quo should have been maintained thereby allowing for further consultation. The Town Council’s inadequate governance regarding the statue is a matter of concern.

Roger Jones


‘Sign is inappropriate’

Dear Editor

I refer to your article ‘sculpture to move for sign’ and Peter Smith’s letter.
Born and brought up in Malvern, Peter has devoted a lot of his time and energy to its wellbeing, recognised by a State Honour, awarded by the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

He is responsible for the Buzzard, Skylark and Jenny Lind sculptures in Rosebank Gardens; the Buzzards unveiled by the Duke of Gloucester in 2012.

He has spent much thought and effort  on the Gardens which were sadly neglected by the previous caretakers.

As artistic director of the Autumn in Malvern Festival, Jenny Lind is close to his heart.

She was internationally famous and known as the Swedish Nightingale. Jenny is buried in Malvern Cemetery where I had the honour of meeting a delegation from Sweden where she is still highly regarded. 

The Jenny Lind sculpture is a generous gift to Rosebank Gardens by the Swedish and other private sponsors. Peter has been, until his recent resignation, a first class councillor as I can testify to during my time as Mayor.

It is sad that some of the present councillors do not share his vision and have opted for an inappropriate and misguided Hollywood sign, moving Jenny Lind aside.

Julian  I’Anson