Use of a rail link

ALTHOUGH I am not a supporter of the suggested cable car to the top of the Beacon, an even more hare-brained scheme has occurred to me.

How about re-instating the rail link between Great Malvern and Upton with a shuttle service between the two?

This would link two rising cultural centres and would benefit both.

A new station at the Three Counties Showground would be perfectly possible and could greatly relieve the road congestion in that area provided, of course, that adequate free car parking was made available at Great Malvern, Malvern Link and Upton.

A halt at Clive's Fruit Farm might also be an attractive commercial proposition.

I admit that I haven't thought this through properly, and there may be many objections on the grounds of the cost and difficulty of diverting around developments that have taken place on this route, not least the re-installing of a bridge under Peachfield Road (unless the necessary junction could be moved nearer to the tunnel).

There are so many considerations that would need to be taken into account but I thought I might as well throw this in, if only to make a change from the interminable gripes about dog mess, bikes on the hills, planning issues and the cable car!

David Jones Malvern

Hospital plans

MALVERN Civic Society recommends that both planning applications for the old community hospital are refused. In addition there is no justification for demolishing the hospital.

The hospital is located in the Great Malvern conservation area and makes a positive contribution to the character of the area.

It was gifted by CW Dyson Perrins, a major local and national benefactor. He employed William Henman as architect who specialised in hospital buildings. He also designed other buildings for Dyson Perrins both in Worcester and at his Scottish estate.

This building has significant heritage connections both with Malvern and also the hospital architecture.

Both proposed plans are too large for this site.

The car parking provision is not adequate. While it is unlikely that any of the care homes residents will have cars, the needs of both staff and visitors will be large and the proposed 17 parking spaces is not enough.

We suggest that there should be an assessment of how the hospital might be adapted for future use.

Bob Tilley Malvern Civic Society

Syrian refugees

I HAVE been following the articles and letters which have been in the Gazette recently concerning the issue of the Syrian refugees.

On a number of occasions, assertions have been made indicating that the majority of local residents are in favour of housing 12 such families in the Malvern Hills area.

However, most people I've spoken to are not in support for the reasons given in numerous letters to the Gazette.

The only 'survey' I'm aware of is a result of canvassing by the Malvern Welcomes Syrian Refugees group at various locations in Malvern, including outside the Malvern Theatres where I came across them.

While some people did sign that petition numerous people did not, and I get the impression that the views of these people, possibly the "silent majority" have been largely ignored by local councillors due to the pressure applied by this group.

The only way of knowing whether or not there is widespread support for bringing refugees to Malvern would be for an independent survey to be carried out.

Such a survey would be essential if the cost of this proposal was not covered by government funding and scarce Malvern Hills District Council resources were put at risk.

Malcolm Robinson Malvern

Helping refugees

I WOULD like to respond to the question in a letter on this page (September 25) regarding how much thought has been given to the practicality and logistics of bringing Syrian refugee families to Malvern. I can reassure the writer that Malvern Welcomes Syrian Refugees steering group has spent many hours discussing how we might organise the large number people in our community who have volunteered to help welcome some Syrian refugee families to Malvern.

These are people with a wide range of skills and expertise.

I should clarify that the proposal is to accept a small number of vulnerable families, not "large numbers of immigrants" as suggested in the letter.

Throughout the UK 22 local authorities have already pledged to resettle people and dozens more are considering doing so.

There is a large movement of people in the Malvern Community who have contacted us to express their dismay that we, in Worcestershire, have not yet offered sanctuary to a single refugee during this ever-worsening crisis.

Last winter six children froze to death in refugee camps. Winter is fast approaching and we must play a part, even if it is small, in alleviating the suffering of these families.

Ruth Forecast Malvern

Welcomes Syrian Refugees Trip to Malvern

I WAS doing a bit of inter-galactical holidaying, as you do upon retirement, and was advised that planet Earth would be a pleasant R&R location as the flights are so long one needs to rest before pressing on into space.

So, into the navigational system we punched in the coordinates for the wide-open spaces known as Malvern in the lee of some large rocks.

Anyway, all went very well. Nice soft landing and being careful not to singe the green stuff.

We found a document called the Malvern Gazette, which we perused.

Very interesting to get a handle on what's going on. Actually, so good we will take it home to family to read!

We were very drawn to the letters page. Oh dear, what conflict there seems to be in the area!

Some very forthright letters which in the main were angry, and very opinionated, but most of all the arguments were a little one-sided.

Seems the locals are at each others throats with very little compromise.

Anyway, we didn't stay too long as we had to get on.

This Malvern place seems very pleasant,but lacking the overall warmth we enjoy back home.

We'll be back with the family in another millennium or so to see how things are.

Affectionately, The Martians aka Ian Green Hanley Swan

Escaped dog

I WOULD like to thank the people who spotted my escaped labrador on the common last Friday, especially the man who took him to Whitehouse vets.

I dread to think what could have happened to him.

I'm so glad that there are still some good people out there.

Yvonne Charrot Malvern