What about us?

I NOTE with interest and shock of yet another decision being made for the majority by the few with no thought being given to the consequence of the actions involved.

Once again a decision has been made by left-wing middle-class do-gooders. I refer to the councillors and church and civic officials and to all those people who need to be seen to be doing good for their own self gratification but have no idea of the real world that surrounds them.

I refer to the decision to house up to 12 refugee famines into a totally unsuitable environment.

One only has to study newsreels and the media to see the type of persons we are likely to be saddled with, and one asks oneself is this the type of behaviour we can expect upon arrival?

Think of our own elderly generation, many still struggling with suitable housing and conditions; people who have contributed all their lives and have been shown no thanks for all they have done.

Your own young families from our own communities who will spend years waiting for social housing to materialise where is the voice for our own people?

These 12 families will grow rapidly into many more with extended family and friends ready to join them, perhaps the town councillor and civic leaders are already planning a mosque on Belle Vue Terrace, which we can only now vaguely remember as a pleasant Victorian town many years ago.

Do you really wish to destroy what little this country has left to offer?

Our parents and grandparents fought two great wars to retain England an island and democratic rights. Which means we have a right to chose what does or does not happen.

I am sure may veterans who gave their lives for us to remain so would today be turning in their graves at the spineless actions of the few.

Let the people decide but let them know the complete picture of what to expect.


Missing point

ANTHONY Skelsey's latest letter (September 18) totally misses one vital point. I will put to him the question: why is Germany willing to welcome 800,000 Syrians into the country?

The answer has nothing to do with sheer altruism or conscience regarding their role in the Holocaust.

The fact is that they have an ageing population and a low birth rate that is even more pronounced than our own.

Allied to that is the fact that these people are the Middle Eastern equivalent of the Ugandan Asians – the professional, business class of their country, and they will in time make the same positive contribution to their economy that the Ugandans did to ours.

It is all well and good having a good knee-jerk rant that is, in his own words bigoted, but when one looks at the upside that the Syrians will bring to their host nations they should be welcomed with open arms.

To conclude, I welcome the government's change of course, my only doubt being that we ought to double the proposed numbers that we are going to let in.


Many questions

JUST how much thought have the obviously kind and concerned correspondents (Gazette, September 18) given to the practicality and logistics of bringing large numbers of immigrants into the Malvern area.

Could they please tell me where are they to live, how they are to be fed, where their children are going to go to school, how the already stretched NHS will cope, and where will they work?

It has to be remembered that this is long term!

Has any thought been given to the possibility that they might bring disease, that we have eliminated, back into this country?

M Jackson Malvern Cultural risk I HAVE been to rural Syria, and have talked to many people.

Once I met a school party who gathered round me at a cautious distance until a brave older girl approached me, welcoming me to Syria and asked me if she could talk to me.

She spoke excellent English, and she was charming, as were the rest of the party who gradually crept nearer.

They all would have been fine immigrants.

I often wonder what happened to them as their country was ruined by Islam and tribal intolerance.

The lesson is that however much sympathy we feel, the truth is that many people in Middle Eastern countries have brought about their own destruction and now wish to force their dangerous culture on us.

This is a Christian country and, like Hungary, we do not need any more Muslims. I feel that Christians in the Middle East deserve most sympathy as they have not only suffered from unnecessary wars but have been oppressed as well.

Muslim countries tend not to allow churches of other religions, but they expect us to allow the building of mosques.

I think this ought to be borne in mind when accepting immigrants.


White water

WITH regard to Upton Rowing Club's proposed training facility at the Cemex site at Ryall, near Upton, I would like to propose something altogether more radical.

Not that the television news mentions it much, but we won gold in the C2 white water slalom at the 2012 Olympics, and we have just won gold at the recent white water canoe slalom at Lee Valley.

A member of the GB white water freestyle team is a resident of Worcestershire.

With its direct links to the M50 and the town facilities of Upton, as well as a ready water supply, would it not be more desirable to make the site a hub for a wide variety of water sports, including an artificial white-water course similar to that in Cardiff, and maybe even a surf lake using the Wave Garden system?

Such a facility could incorporate a flat training lake too, as well as allowing the local fire services to practice swift-water rescue techniques on the white water.

Why not give people a true reason to visit the area?


Path repaired

TWO weeks ago I emailed a letter to the Worcestershire highways department regarding the state of the footpath between Spring Lane and Victoria Park Road, Malvern.

Behold, within one week the said footpath had been beautifully levelled and reinstated. Well done, the highways department. Superb job!


My hurt boy

I WOULD like to thank the staff and manager of Benedicto's in Church Walk, Great Malvern.

On September 22 they came to my rescue when my little boy fell and hit his head on concrete outside the restaurant.

I was panicking as the bump on his head looked awful, and I rushed into the restaurant as it was the closest place to run to.

The gentlemen were lovely and gave me some ice in a napkin and somewhere to sit for a while. I'm pleased to say my son is OK now thanks to their kindness and quick reactions to the situation.