I HAVE been reading for the last two weeks about how Malvern is tearing itself apart, one group being in favour of housing Syrian refugees in the town, another against.

None of them has tackled the real issue, and that is that we have a puppet  government who can no longer think for itself. If it is not taking orders from the EU, it is taking orders from the US.

For example, the bombing of Syria. It is this country, along with the States, that is creating the refugees in the first place.

Our Prime Minister can’t make up his mind who he should bomb – the legally elected Syrian government one minute, or the US-created terrorists the next.

Rather than squabbling among ourselves about this human catastrophe manufactured by the Western powers we should collectively be telling our leaders to stop killing people that they don’t like only for them to be replaced by puppets that are even worse than the original – Iraq and Libya, to name but two.

Bill Kovacs