WHEN we moved to Malvern three months ago we were delighted to learn that the council had agreed (in December last year) to consider housing some refugees from Syria.

We went to the meeting of the council recently and were amongst others who cried, "Shame!"

And it was shameless that since December the council has dragged its feet to such an extent that no information about possible resources, costs and housing and care needs was laid before members a full six months after the original decision to investigate further!

It was left to an excellent input from Cllr Julian Roskams to expose the bogus sham of a report that the Conservative majority had the gall to present as remotely complete.

They clearly hadn't bothered or were not sufficiently motivated to to do their homework at all, relying on wildly inaccurate statistics and costs that their friends in the county council had dreamt up.

This is truly pitiful and Cllr Melanie Baker (who proposed the no vote) should hang her head in shame.

Of course, we need the facts and the council should be researching them and presenting them in an unbiased and accurate way so that a proper debate can take place.

Please try a lot harder. That is our message to councillors.

Dick and Diana Stockford