REGARDING the planning application for poultry units at Chances Pitch, the people of Ledbury need to understand the increase of traffic through the town – about 650 movements a year.

All traffic heading to Chances Pitch will go around the ring road and up New Street.

During the eight scheduled breeding cycles a year they will clear the birds in 12 hours starting at 3am so the 44-tonne lorries will be starting coming up New Street before that.

I know residents have complained about early deliveries to the Co-op supermarket, but that will be nothing compared with this.

It is wrong to think that Ledbury will not be affected by this application.

It will be affected the most, not other places like Colwall.

Where did I get my information you may ask? It was from the drop-in session at the Colwall hotel organised by the Houlbrookes.

Rob Mulley