IT appears to me to be quite wrong for anyone to defy local bylaws and swim in Gullet Quarry.

It also seems wrong to me for people to swim in the quarry, suggest it is safe when it clearly is not, and encourage others, by statement and example, to do the same.

The water in the quarry is warm on the surface but cold deeper.

The consequences of a swimmer entering this colder water can be dramatic. He or she gasps, takes in water, and goes into shock with the sudden drop in temperature. The heart stops beating and the swimmer dies.

The Malvern Hills Conservators, their wardens, and the police have done all they can to prevent irresponsible behaviour at Gullet Quarry.

If people wish to continue to ignore fences and clear warnings of the dangers, if they wish to continue to break bylaws and put their lives at risk then the Conservators cannot be held responsible, nor should they be expected to take further measures beyond what has been done and is being done at the quarry to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Dr Peter Alma