I LIVE over the boundary in Gloucestershire, but always consider Ledbury as the place I support with its vibrancy and generosity of spirit at all public events when huge numbers of volunteers become involved in promoting the best of the town.

I shop and bank in Ledbury, am a member of Ledbury Rotary Club and assist several locally based organisations.

I was therefore extremely dismayed and saddened to read the report relating to calls for our mayor, Bob Barnes, to step down.

Why? Do those who have maligned Bob have an 'agenda' not known to members of the public?

Surely such discord within the council can only bring it into disrepute.

I have never before been aware of such petty and unnecessary conduct, and cannot help but wonder if there is a political issue with a touch of self-positioning for the local elections next year?

As an outsider, I realise I am in no position to make any guesses or judgements, nor would I wish too, but I consider that in all the time I have known Bob Barnes (and his delightful wife Carol) he has been a loyal and staunch supporter of the town and has involved himself in much good work, especially with young people, sporting activities, the ox roast, carnival, Olympic Torch event and the preservation of Ledbury's history.

There are massive changes ahead in Ledbury's future, and challenges for everyone involved.

Surely then this is the time for a united front, for everyone to bring their skills and talents to help Ledbury in its development and not hinder progress with this unkind attack, which must be very disheartening for all those in key positions.

Jan Long

Bromsberrow Heath