I THINK my delight at a deal completed is just as great as the client’s; it’s a combination of knowing that you have solved problems along the way and have achieved what the client wanted - the next step for them and their business.

Sometimes that next step is very personal, especially since I deal with clients in the health and social care sector – GP practices, dentists, vets, social care operators, children’s service providers – in a lot of these cases, the business has been built up over many years.

The transactions that we carry out are often a major step in people’s lives. For many clients, it is a one-off major life event, and it’s a real privilege to be involved in them.

For others, the deal is a strategic move, which helps them to build their business and progress to the next stage of their plan – that’s significant too and we need to be focused on the issues involved all the way through.

For most of our healthcare clients, regulators play a major role – it could be the Care Quality Commission or NHS England for instance – and this is where our experience really helps, because we can anticipate potential pitfalls and, knowing that some parts of the process will take longer than others, we can start processes early and ensure that the whole deal is not jeopardised by a delay.

It is intensive work and we get to know our clients really well – they may lose sleep over the transaction, but it’s our job to make it as painless as possible so that we can all enjoy a deal well done in the end.