IT was a 42-carat gold moment for an Evesham dancer when he played one of TV’s best loved characters in the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.

The eyes of the world rested on Chris Unwin as he recreated the famous Batman sketch from long-running sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Starring as Rodney Trotter, the younger brother of the show’s wheeler-dealer salesman Del Boy Trotter, the 25-year-old emerged from the exploding Reliant Regal van to the delight of the thousands of people in the packed-out Olympic Stadium.

The skit also won the royal seal of approval, as Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, were pictured laughing along with the crowds.

Chris, who is now based in London, but has family in Cheltenham Road, said it was a surreal moment – and one not without its risks.

The former St Mary’s Catholic Primary School pupil said: “It was amazing. There were quite a lot of rehearsals in just a car park, but Sunday was the first time we got into the stadium.

“We started on the stage covered up in newspaper and then suddenly there was our bit.

“It was very short, but it was great performing in front of all those people.

“I’ve never thought of my resemblance to Rodney before, but my dad Terry guessed what I would be doing straight away.

“There were a lot of pyrotechnics and I did get a little bit burned, but I’m OK.

“We were meant to run off after the car exploded but instead we ran through where Madness were performing.

“In rehearsals I was talking to Russell Brand. He was lovely. He came up when we were in the car because he loved the TV programme.

“The whole day was surreal – you would come out of your dressing room and the Spice Girls would be there or Kate Moss would walk past.

“It’s definitely something to tell the grandkids.”

Meanwhile, the replica of the yellow three-wheeled van that Mr Unwin emerged from had previously belonged to Worcester man Joe Mason.

It was snapped outside the Brunswick Arms in Malvern Road.

Mr Mason, who restores the quirky vehicles from his business Reliant Spares in Cradley, said: “It was all very coy for a long time as to what the van was being used for.

“It was just a rolling shell so there was no engine inside.

“We had it on display outside the Brunswick for a good year and it also featured in an installation on top of a multi-storey car park in Peckham before going to the South Bank and then on to this.”