A STREET drinker from Malvern has found himself behind bars for the second time in less than a month.

Kevin Bayliss, of Elgar Avenue, was seen consuming alcohol near his home and appeared incapable while shouting and singing on Saturday, July 28, between 9- 9.30am.

This was the 48-year-old’s fifth breach of a two-year criminal antisocial behaviour order (Crasbo) imposed on him in March.

Bayliss pleaded guilty to the breach, during which he was heard singing ‘Why are there no coconuts in this tree?’ Sam Webley, prosecuting, said Bayliss was arrested by police who found him sat in a pull-in with a can of drink.

“He can only just have come out of prison and he has breached it again.”

There were also numerous reports he urinated against a tree but Nick Roberts, defending, said his client claimed he was changing out of a pair of badly ripped jeans and had another pair underneath.

Mr Roberts also said the behaviour was a result of combining a small amount of alcohol with the medication he was already taking. The mixture of the drugs and a little alcohol made him rather unsteady in his gait.

He said: “He is unsteady at the best of times and has difficulty with his speech, he slurs whether he is in drink or not.

“He was 60 yards away from his home and unfortunately he opened a can of drink and drank from it and was therefore in breach.”

He added Bayliss was taking some steps to address his drinking and was involved in a de-toxification programme as well as having regular contact with his GP to monitor his health.

Having already served two days in custody he was subsequently jailed for a further 26 days.

Bayliss was jailed for 14 days, half of which he served in prison, after police spotted him swigging from a can of beer in an alcohol-free zone outside a chip shop in Barnards Green, Malvern, on Wednesday, July 18.