MOST footpaths are six feet wide –plenty of room for pedestrians. Why do they need to be 13-17 feet?

The footpath outside the Barnards Green post office is 13 feet wide and the car park spaces are much smaller than most cars need. Why not reduce the width of the footpath to accommodate car parking that does not impede traffic flow?

Space for buses: The footpath (the current bus stop site) is 13 feet wide.

There is additional space currently used for a couple of cars on the carriageway.

Why not reduce the width of the footpath to accommodate the occasional parking bus?

I would love to know the statistics.

I am certain that bus passenger numbers are miniscule in comparrison with car user shoppers.

Anyone want to become a local councillor?

It seems to me that in this instance that traders and local residents should have been made aware of Worcestershire County Council concerns at a much earlier stage.

The traders and local residents are in a better position to be able to evaluate the issues than most members of a town, district or county council.

Suggestions, and councillors that are prepared listen, are much in demand.

MARTIN LAWRENCE, Link-Coordinator Malvern Chase Neighbourhood Watch