HAVING lived on Barnards Green Road for 40 years and therefore knowing well the Barnards Green shopping area, I have never noticed an undue backing up of traffic due to buses stopped outside the Court Road post office.

Coun Brown used the emotive term “chaos” to describe difficulties sometimes facing through traffic due to parked cars.

I prefer the word awkward.

Thanks to the hard work of its independent traders, Barnards Green is a thriving local shopping area.

There is already limited parking and the unnecessary loss of up to 12 parking spaces could make life even more difficult for them.

One disturbing aspect is that I understand the Barnards Green Traders Association and local traders were not notified by the county council of its intentions but found out by the “back door”.

The Federation of Small Businesses, for which I am chairman of local government policy and regional chairman, has for many years campaigned to retain reasonable parking for local shopping areas.

In support this policy the FSB has had for over two years a “Keep Trade Local” campaign. In Malvern one can see our stickers on shop doors and windows alongside those of Malvern Hills District Council’s similar campaign.

The solution is simple and has already been put forward by the subpostmaster.

The buses could use the existing bus stop on the roundabout.

Yes, the buses would have to round the roundabout one more time but once every half-hour and never on Sundays seems a small price to pay.