AS your Malvern Gazette continues its campaign to bring superfast broadband to those still missing out, we spoke to a high-tech business seeing its aspirations and finances taking a hit because of the delay.

D-RisQ software systems is one of more than a dozen cutting-edge companies based at the new Wyche Innovation Centre in West Malvern.

And, like others, it is finding the ongoing wait for an upgrade to BT’s fibre-optic service – while the company continues negotiations with Malvern Hills Conservators about installing equipment on the charity’s land – tough to take.

Specialising in providing companies with complex software tools and consultancy, D-RisQ’s business is reliant on having a suitable infrastructure to work with.

At only two months old the firm is at a vital stage in its development and is desperate to have the 21stcentury broadband access it was told would now be in place.

Business director Nick Tudor said: “We were first expecting fibre-optic here in January, and then our decision to move into the innovation centre at the end of May was based on being told we would have fibre-optic in June.

“We were confident we could get by in the short term but the delay is showing no real sign of an end and it is definitely having an impact on our potential.

“It is delaying further development of our products and in turn that has a financial impact.”

Mr Tudor backs the Gazette’s calls for BT and the Conservators to speed up their negotiations.

“This is supposed to be the 21st century and it needs the people who are meant to have sorted this out on both sides to start talking to each other and get it solved,” he said.

Emma Philpott, who founded the innovation centre, said: “All our businesses are affected by it.

The main problem for us is that we are not going to be able to offer people a service to come here and grow if this carries on.

“Nearly all the companies that have come here have employed someone new since they have arrived, so there has definitely been a bit of a business boom in this area.

But if the broadband situation continues than they are going to move out.”

BT and the Conservators met on Monday, with Malvern Hills District Council’s economic development manager Simon Smith in attendance, to discuss the matter once again.

Rob Havard, the conservators’ conservation officer, said the meeting was constructive and that he hopes everything will be agreed within the next two weeks.

BT said it also hopes to reach an agreement soon.