TWO young people from Malvern will be heading to South Africa in November to take part in United Nations climate negotiations.

Matt Williams and Cat Stace will be attending the talks in Durban as part of a 14-strong delegation from the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

The annual UN talks will be bringing together negotiators and politicians from all over the world to come up with solutions to tackle climate change. They happen every year in late November, with interim meetings in between to review progress.

Mr Williams, 25, said: “This is an awesome opportunity and I’m so happy to be involved. Young people need to make sure that negotiators and world leaders realise we care about these talks. The decisions made in South Africa will affect us as young people for decades to come.

“Earlier this year Cat and I both went to an interim UN climate meeting in Germany and we realised how important it is for young people to have a voice at these talks. Young people can bring a lot of energy to these negotiations.”

Miss Stace, 22, said: “The United Nations climate talks are the best chance the world has to deal with climate change and our best opportunity to build a fair future. The meeting in South Africa is a key opportunity to make progress.”

The trip is self-funded, and so delegates are currently fund-raising for the visit.

Miss Stace and Mr Williams are collaborating with The Fold, at Bransford, to hold a three-course fund-raising dinner on October 28 with guest speakers such as local MP Harriett Baldwin.

To find out more about the dinner, or buy tickets, visit