I had the pleasure of going to Malvern Theatres on Tuesday 13th October to see a Rap Opera - Marcus the Sadist.

Jonzi D (a leading Hip Hop Theatre Company) deserves a standing ovation for the theatrical production he and the rest of the cast put on. The play was a complete success!

So what’s the play about? You’re taken on a journey with Markus Wright, (played by Bashy) as he goes from an underground emcee to an international rapper. A major record label should be his big break but reality hits and Markus is left feeling compromised. He’s lost his voice to rap about his real views, control of his music career and even his everyday life. There’s only one thing left to do – start rapping about the truth. Bashy and others in the cast were amazing they really delivered and the fact all of the play was in rhyme was wonderful. With amazing performances, complicated yet creative ensembles of dance, rap and singing, and one profound actor pulling off 4 accents including a whole monologue skipping from a French, American then proper English accent with no one to act with him, it was astonishing.

I’m a 23 and I used to study performing arts and have to say that it was really great to see something fresh and unique at Malvern theatres, its not often that there are plays like this at the Theatre and I think if it had been advertised properly that the turn out would have been a lot better. It reminded of a play I watched up when I was younger at Malvern Theatres, Rome and Jules (a Hip Hop Break Dance version of Romeo and Juliet) that took my breath away. Hopefully Malvern will bring in more plays like this aimed at my generation but truly most theatre lovers and non theatre lovers would of loved it too. I’d be willing to advertise events like this as I think it would give something artistic and inspirational for my generation, Facebook would have been a very good key to make this event have a greater turn out and get the word out that something of this nature was taking place. Either way it was a great night out, I really enjoyed myself, two thumbs up.