THE city council's last Conservative councillor says he is determined to see a medieval bridge restored as he calls for a more co-ordinated and united approach to make sure it happens soon.

Cllr Alan Amos said he was determined to see Powick Old Bridge not only restored but its historic importance highlighted as a heritage feature for future generations.

This was one of the pledges Cllr Amos made before he was re-elected as the city council's only Conservative councillor in May following the partial collapse of the bridge on January 31. 

Cllr Amos will be raising the issue at the next Worcester City Council meeting at Worcester Guildhall on Tuesday and the next meeting of Worcestershire County Council on Thursday.

HOLE: A hole has opened in Powick Old Bridge HOLE: A hole has opened in Powick Old Bridge (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

He has asked for an update from the county council on the progress of the repair work and 'estimated date for its re-opening'.

The Bedwardine county councillor and  Lower Wick and Pitmaston city councillor is one of a cross-party group committed to protecting and preserving the medieval bridge which played a key role in the opening skirmish of the English Civil War, the Battle of Powick of Bridge, and its last engagement, the Battle of Worcester.

The others who have signed up to the motion are Labour's Richard Udall and Jenny Barnes (both councillors for St John's) and Sue Smith, a third Labour councillor who, like Cllr Amos, represents Lower Wick and Pitmaston.

Cllr Amos said: "It's not just a bridge - it's Powick bridge, a much loved facility. We are asking the managing director to explore the possibility of co-ordinating the effort to get the bridge open as soon as possible.

"I'm driving the effort to get the bridge reopened as soon as possible and, when it is open, I want to see how we can make it a highlighted feature for the city and wider area because it has national significance."

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The motion involves requesting the managing director to organise a coalition of partners, inviting the local councillors, Malvern Hills District Council, the county council, The Environment Agency, landowners, The Battle of Worcester Society, Historic England and local MPs to discuss the future of the bridge, to explore how it can be restored and how the area can become a visitor attraction. 

It also urges the council to call upon the managing director to explore ways in which the city council can co-ordinate and support the restoration and to explore the future use of the site and to bring a report back to the Place and Economic Development Committee.