A free seminar on employment law and H&S legislation will be held at a hotel in Great Malvern.

The invite-only session will be conducted by industry experts Ian Langford and Owen Clark on July 23, from 9:30am until 2pm, at the Abbey Hotel on Abbey Road.

The event will include discussions on managing employee conduct issues, formulating contract terms and conditions, work-from-home guidance, and updating health and safety policies, among others.

The session will also serve as a networking event, with lunch provided.

Those interested in new flexible working rules, staff conduct and performance management, fire risk assessment, and mental wellbeing support can attend the seminar.

Attendees will also gain insight into techniques to overcome the recruitment crisis, managing staff costs, amendments to working hours or pay, and employment laws expected in 2024.

To reserve a space, call 0738 0307 153.