A childhood cancer charity has launched a new podcast to support young people.

The podcast, titled 'Young Me vs the Big C', was launched by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust.

The podcast was instigated by the trust's communications officer, Sophie Blount, with its first episode featuring 14-year-old Ewan, who has recently finished his treatment for Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia.

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Her vision was to provide a digital platform where recently diagnosed children could engage in stigma-free discussions about cancer.

Ms Blount said: "We are on a mission here at the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust to encourage young people facing cancer to connect with and support one another, and the podcast is an alternative and engaging way to build those relationships amongst the young oncology community."

Dr Jen Kelly, CEO of the trust, said: "When a child or young person is diagnosed with cancer, it is often an incredibly isolating time.

"We are proud to be launching Young Me vs the Big C as a way to encourage young people to connect with and support each other."

The podcast will be accessible via the trust's YouTube channel, allowing listeners to access the episodes whilst in hospital or on the move.

It aims to feature not only the experiences of young people involved with the charity but also stories from parents, siblings, and others who have been impacted by childhood cancer.

The launch coincided with the end of the Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month, where over 20 charities came together during the month to promote awareness of the challenges faced by teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer.

The first two episodes highlight teenage cancer through real experiences.

The charity welcomes interested contributors or supporters interested in getting involved to reach out for further information.

The first episode of 'Young Me vs the Big C' is currently available to listen to.