THE Well Counselling service in Malvern is excited that it has just been able to re-open its waiting list.

The service, which is part of Lyttelton Well, made the very difficult decision to close the list in June, 2023, due to the number of people waiting for counselling combined with a reducing number of volunteer counsellors.

Michael Harper, Chairman of Lyttelton Well and himself a retired medical practitioner, said: “Counselling is such an important provision for people coping with change, with loss, with uncertainty, with the impasses that life sometimes throws up. Talking about these things with people who know how to listen is so therapeutic.

“But counselling is hard to access, and private counselling is beyond the means of many. The Well Counselling aims to overcome that hurdle and make professional counselling available to those of limited means - because people pay what they can afford. Your support - financially or professionally - is so valued; so appreciated - not just by us but by those who come to us for help.”

All counsellors at The Well are either qualified counsellors or student counsellors on a level 4 or above training course.  The Well Counselling had 31 volunteer qualified and trainee counsellors in May 2021, but, like many organisations, it has lost many volunteers over the past 3 years and now has a team of 12 volunteer qualified and trainee counsellors.

The cost per session counselling session is determined by the client and based on what they afford.  The Well Counselling can help with anxiety, relationships, bereavement and many other issues.  More information on obtaining counselling at The Well Counselling can be obtained at:

A lot of work behind the scenes has gone into ensuring the waiting list can reopen and should not have to close for such a long period in the future. 

If anyone is interested in supporting this work, the Well Counselling is always recruiting qualified volunteer counsellor and volunteer receptionists. More details are available on their website: