A critically acclaimed stage adaptation of a famous novel is set to visit Malvern.

The multi-award-winning Simple8 Theatre Company will perform its high-energy adaptation of Herman Melville's masterpiece, Moby Dick, at Malvern Theatres from Tuesday 11 to Saturday, June 15.

This production is led by director Jesse Jones and musical director Jonathan Charles.



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The latter will star in the production alongside Mark Arends (Ishmael), Hannah Emanuel (Starbuck), Syreeta Kumar (Manx), Hazel Monaghan (Ensemble), James Newton (Flask), William Pennington (Stubb), Tom Swale (Queequeg) and Guy Rhys who steps into the iconic role of Captain Ahab.

Jones said: "It is a great pleasure to bring together this supremely talented ensemble of performers that I can’t wait to get into the rehearsal room with.

"Together, as a company we will conjure the world of the play using their musical ability, dynamic physicality and powerhouse performances to breathe life into this poignant yet playful production.

"It will be a joy to see this production set sail on tour."

Organisers say the show will feature a unique blend of "theatrical flair and thrilling invention", which will be coupled with live performances of sea shanties and a range of musical instruments.

The design crew have utilised planks of wood and tattered sheets to recreate the world of the Pequod, bringing the action directly to audiences.

The narrative tells the timeless tale of Captain Ahab’s obsessive revenge quest for the white whale that cost him his leg - the infamous Moby-Dick.

Amid the high-seas adventure, themes of isolation, communal dependency, and unseen dangers resonate, making the play more relevant than even in a post-pandemic age.

For ticket booking, contact Malvern Theatre at 01684 892277 or visit its website at www.malvern-theatres.co.uk.