THE chairman of a Malvern company  looking into a tram-line proposal to boost tourism in the area has thanked Gazette readers for their input.

Beverley Neilsen, chairwomanof Ultra Light Rail Partners has thanked Gazette readers for their prompt input since she ‘floated’ the idea for a feasibility study for a cycle and ultra-light tram line.

And she now has a better idea of where the proposed tram-line could go.

She said: “I am grateful to everyone who has taken time to input to this discussion and welcome the many positive comments on our Ultra Light Rail Partners website.

“Following the prompt input which I have received from Malvern Gazette readers, I think if a feasibility study were to be conducted into a shared cycle and ultra-light tram line, it should focus on the stretch between Malvern to the Three Counties Showground.”

She visited the Three Counties Showground to meet with its CEO, David Prescott.

He emphasised the numbers of visitors to the ground weekly, as alongside their major shows each year there are activities held every weekend run by other organisations.

These include  the flea fairs, Food and Drink Festival and Winter Glow together with the annual Three Counties events, including Countrytastic, RHS Malvern Spring Festival, Royal Three Counties Show, and Malvern Autumn Show.

Speaking about the opportunity for enhanced links to the showground Mr Prescott said: “We are concerned with sustainability which we have placed at the heart of our strategy for the charity. We are happy to look at anything that opens up access to the showground for people, especially for those that don’t, or can’t, drive.

“We would also like to see accessibility enhanced through better pavement and cycling facilities along Blackmore Park Road as people visiting and working both here and nearby would like to be able to walk or cycle into Malvern, something they cannot readily do at present.”

Ms Nielsen said that she was very grateful to everyone who had contacted her over the past week about the idea for a feasibility study for a ULR line from Malvern.

She said: “I am also very grateful to David Prescott at Three Counties Showground, for making the time to meet with me.

“The challenges concerning the rest of the line have been raised and brought to my attention. With Three Counties Showground interested in assessing the potential for this to increase their accessibility and with the possible option of considering a Park & Ride raised by residents, this would seem like a more obvious area to focus.

“I have answered all the points raised by people and they may wish to visit to view these.”