PLANNING permission is being sought for a self-service launderette built outside a Malvern corner shop.

But neighbours have objected to the “eyesore” that arrived “without warning”.

Two cash and card-operated washing machines and a tumble dryer have been installed outside Charlie’s Convenience Store on the corner of Leigh Sinton Road and Belmont Road.

The machines are operated by a company called Revolution and are available to use 24/7.

Retrospective planning permission is now being sought from Malvern Hills District Council.

“This laundry eyesore arrived without warning and without planning permission,” said neighbour Ian Stimson.

“It has been erected opposite a junction, on a driveway that was put in without dropped kerbs.

“There is limited parking for residents in the area, so people are parking in dangerous places.

“Visibility is obscured for drivers coming out of Belmont Road, making this an accident waiting to happen. 

“This is not the area for a facility like this, it would be more appropriately sited on an industrial estate.”

Michelle Stimson said people visiting the launderette have caused parking disputes, with one person parking at the top of her driveway in Newtown Road.

“The presence of a 24-hour business in this area is going to have a negative impact on residents’ quality of life,” she said.

Worcestershire Highways raised no objection to the application.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services said the applicant should take steps to ensure neighbours are not unduly affected by noise or light coming from the facility.

According to documents submitted with the planning application: “Disabled access was a priority with developing the designs for the units, with the machines and touchpads at the required height.

“The launderettes are designed to be economical and eco-friendly, with reduced power consumption compared to a classical washing machine and eco-friendly washing liquid.

“The units have been designed to have an elegant and contemporary appearance, using silver-grey coloured metal and glazed panels, to be in keeping with modern retail.

“The laundrette unit is designed to be maintenance-free and is served by a network of over 150 local engineers who aim to attend to any breakdowns within 24 hours.”

We have asked the shop and planning consultants Plande for comment.