Malvern Inky Blue Bitters won a silver medal at this year's London Spirits Competition.

The event, held in March, is considered the ultimate accolade in the global spirits industry.

In order to win, Malvern Inky Blue Bitters had to score highly in three key areas: quality, value and packaging.

Unlike other similar contests that focus primarily on distilling skills and technical expertise, the London Spirits Competition champions spirits that consumers actively desire.

Whether purchasing from a high-street storefront or ordering from a restaurant menu, the competition recognises spirits that offer the drinker genuine appeal.

The judging process of the competition goes beyond simple blind tasting.

Initially, judges appraise the spirit’s label, design and packaging, marking on elements such as aesthetic appeal, success at storytelling, and how well the brand's appearance corresponds with its price point and perceived value for money.

The quality of the product then comes into consideration.

Malvern Gazette: The event, held in March, is considered the ultimate accolade in the global spirits industry

Regarding Malvern Inky Blue Bitters, the judging panel highlighted: "This bitters presents spicy cola notes balanced by menthol and herbal hints.

"Its aroma offers a clean, intense experience with a medicinal touch.

"On the palate, it delivers intense bitterness and depth of flavour."

Founder of Malvern Inky Blue Bitters, Pippa Sanderson shared: "The authority of a London Spirits Competition award comes from the power of being judged across quality, value and appearance, the high calibre of the judges, and the intensely competitive product set.

"We are thrilled that our Malvern Inky Blue Bitters performed so well.

"This silver medal demonstrates that we’re on the right track, creating the type of bitters that bar managers and mixologists want to use, and drinkers want to enjoy discovering, giving them the opportunity to reimagine classic cocktails and other drinks in playful, colourful ways, one dash at a time."

The London Spirits Competition is judged by a distinguished panel of industry professionals, including commercial spirits buyers, consultants and experts involved in developing new spirit brands or in the retail of spirits.

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