An allergens expert has warned of a rise in tree pollen across the West Midlands.

Airborne allergens specialist, Max Wiseberg, predicts the first medium pollen counts of the season in the region over the next five days.

He has warned that hay fever sufferers typically present symptoms at this count, with birch pollen being the primary issue at this time.


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Mr Wiseberg says: "Birch is arguably the most problematic tree of them all for hay fever sufferers."

This tree, related closely to alder and hazel, impacts the 25 per cent of UK hay fever sufferers who are allergic to tree pollen.

Typically, the birch pollen season reaches its peak from April through to mid May.

According to Wiseberg, it is time for sufferers to start preparing for the upcoming season.

He advises adopting preventive measures such as applying an allergen barrier balm, which traps pollen before it enters the body and begins working immediately.

"If you use antihistamines, many manufacturers recommend starting a month before your season starts," Wiseberg advises.

"And it's the same with nasal sprays; they need several days to build up their maximum protective effect and some makers advise starting using them one month before your hay fever season begins."

For acute symptoms, he suggests forming a 'Hay Fever First Aid Kit' of different products that can complement each other in providing relief.

Mr Wiseberg also recommends practical steps to reduce pollen effects such as wearing wraparound sunglasses, tying up long hair, and wearing a cap outdoors to prevent pollen capture.

Upon returning home, he suggests taking off shoes at the doorstep, changing clothes, and showering to remove pollen.

Regularly dusting, vacuuming, grooming pets, and keeping doors and windows closed also helps.

Wiseberg concluded: "There is currently no cure for hay fever – they’ve been working on it for years – but until there is, there are many products – both natural and conventional – and lifestyle changes you can try."

He recommends visiting his website ( for additional suggestions.