A CORONER has ruled that a nine-year-old boy died as a result of an accident after a horror crash in Stourport.

An inquest heard today (Tuesday, March 19), that Jake Allen was killed instantly in the crash when he was ejected from a Land Rover Discovery after it plummeted 30ft down a hill and overturned. 

The schoolboy suffered "extreme head injuries" after his dad Simon lost control of the vehicle at Coney Green Farm 4X4 Offroad Site.

Worcestershire coroner David Reid said: "On September 24, 2022 Jake Allen was a rear seat passenger in a modified Land Rover which was being driven up a steep gradient.

"Towards the top of the slope the vehicle lost traction and stalled before rolling down.

"Jake was ejected from and crushed by the vehicle and suffered severe head injuries.

"I’m satisfied that Jake's death was the result of an unnatural event.

“Jake died as a result of an accident.”

The coroner added he wasn’t sure what caused the modified off-roader to stall twice before losing control - but he was satisfied Jake was wearing a seatbelt.

He continued: “PC Carpenter told the inquest that the seats in the vehicle were standard and had not been modified.

"But there was no buckle for the rear nearside passenger belt.

“The centre seat where Jake was sitting was meant to have a buckle, the buckle was found in the middle of the seat.

"The seatbelt had a very dirty and rusty hasp, he said. It’s possible that Mr Allen moving the rear seat to dislodge the battery moved it.

“I found Simon Allen to be an honest and generally reliable witness. I accept his evidence about ensuring the children were wearing seatbelts.

"On balance, it was probably the case that the rear centre seat belt was available and was being used by Jake.

“The lap belt, in my view, explains why Jake was ejected from the vehicle (others were wearing traditional belts)

“The centre belt and hasp was moved to where it was. Likely when Simon Allen moved the rear seats to get to the battery.

“It is not at all clear to me (why the car stalled twice). I have no doubt that it did stall twice. But that meant that the footbrake could not be applied as easily.

“I record the cause of death as 1A head injuries.”

Listing a series of faults with the car investigators for West Mercia Police found, the coroner dismissed these as factors which caused the accident.